Joybino Tips & Tricks for using our Baby Handprint and Footprint Frame Kit

1. Q: Is this good for a baby shower gift?
    A: Yes, of course.

2. Q: Does it have hook to hang it on the wall?
A: Yes, it does.

3. Q: Is ti mold free?
Yes, it is mold free.

4. Q: How long can I store this product before use?
A: Approximately 1 year.

5. Q: How much clay is in the package?
A: The product comes with 2 packages of clay which is enough to fill the frame. This will allow you to make the perfect print for you and to have the perfect memory that will last a lifetime.

6. Q: What is the composition of the clay?
A: The composition of the clay is:

No. Composition CAS. NO. Percentage
1 Poly(vinyl alcohol) 9002-89-5 13.80%
2 copolymer 25214-39-5 15.00%
3 glycerine 56-81-5 6.60%
4 water  7732-18-5 62.40%
5 White mineral oil (petroleum) 8042-47-5 2.00%
6 Propyl 4-hydroxybenzoate 94-13-3 0.20%

7. Q: How to prevent the clay to crack?
A: Kneading the clay thoroughly for a good 3-5 minutes is really important. The clay cracks are because of a gap in the clay in the process of kneading. So to prevent that, you should be patient  and taking your time kneading it thoroughly. There are also many other factors such as humidity in the room where it is dried and if it was dried in the sun. Never dry it in the sun. The clay usually takes 24-48 hours to completely dry, depending on room temperature.
A: One of the users wrote: “My clay cracked, but I noticed that the actual print part didn’t crack since I had put olive oil on my baby’s hands and feet before pressing it into the clay. That part didn’t crack. The rest did, but I painted it afterwards. I had planned on painting it. Didn’t make it look as cracked.”

8. Q: Can the baby frame kit be used for dog paw prints?
Yes, of course it can. This is actually a great idea.

9. Q: Is it soft enough for newborn hand and foot prints?
A: Yes, just put a little lotion or olive oil on the baby’s hands and feet first, to make sure they come out clean.

10. Q: How to color the clay to make it more appearing?
A: You can use any water based or oil based colors to paint the already made and hardened prints to make them stand out.

11. Q: Do you have any tips to get the most out of my keepsake?
1. Take your time and be patient! Please don’t rush this as you want the best possible outcome. Really read the directions, and follow it closely.
2. Sometimes it is better to wait until your little one is asleep.
3. Knead the clay for at least 3-5 minutes. And if it’s a bit dry, use a touch of olive oil. But really knead the clay. It comes in 2 separate packets, but by the time you are finished kneading it, it will be one seamless mass. Make sure not to knead it on a counter or anything as the white clay picks up every little bit of anything. Just knead it with your hands without placing it on a surface, or use a fresh clean surface.
4. After the prints are finished, make sure to give it plenty of time to dry. Put it on top of the fridge or somewhere out of site. And give it a solid 3-5 days. Be sure not to leave them in sunlight.
5. Just an Idea! Write a date and some words and feelings on the backside of the frame. This will be like a time capsule and when your children are all grown up, this will be a beautiful surprise to them when reading it.

12. Two more tips on the use of  the Baby Handprint and Footprint Frame kit:
1. After flattening the surface as instructed, remove the clay beginning with one of the corners and flip it around. The back is flatter and smoother, and it didn’t crack after it dried.
2. If you have to stop in the middle of the process, wrap it with kitchen plastic wrap (let the wrap touch the clay). Even after 8 hours the clay was still soft.

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